Quest for my Rough Draft

The start of the new year is always something I try to look forward to. The word “new” gives me an impression that I can start fresh, clean and hopefully achieve more than the previous year. My semesters at OU so far have pushed me  in ways that high school definitely didn’t tell me about. I have battled SUPER tiredness, stressful situations, numerous deadlines and all the stuff in-between that makes college, C O L L E G E. Though those all sound kinda burdensome and not fun, I have gained infinite positive experiences that make me excited to be a Sooner. I have danced for 12 hours at Soonerthon, performed in U Sing, discovered new cultures and gained friends that I’m extremely grateful for. So with all these events and realizations under my belt, what can I try to achieve or hope for through this following semester? I have created a list hoping it keeps me relatively accountable: 

~Maggie’s list of goals~

  1. Have a week in which you manage to not feel stressed 
  2. Discover a new hobby that you previously were unaware you loved
  3. Watch a movie a week and write a review
  4. Focus on yourself and give time discovering what you possibly want to do or accomplish in life

My #4 may seem a tad extreme considering my age and often my parents grumble “You have so much time left to think about that don’t worry you’ll figure it out.” but isn’t college the perfect place to try to figure out my life? Or just maybe figure out a really really really rough draft. I want to do so many things and create new careers for myself everyday in the hopes that one of them will scream at me ME IM THE RIGHT ONE!! It hasn’t happened yet, and that is okay. 

Which is why I am taking classes to hopefully help further my quest for a rough draft. Specifically with PR Publication. Creating and designing has always been an interest of mine because of my older brothers and mom. My mom is an artist and my brothers both seem to have a knack for just being plain smart about creative ideas and word play. This class will be a challenge due to my inexperience of technology and I am not sure I have an “eye” for PR design. However I am excited to learn about what draws people into design and what makes people listen. I believe that PR has an ability to make people hear your thoughts and get your points across. The words thata PR agent ordesigner create can impact a great deal of people and I think that is ultimately what drew me into this field, I am ready and learn and I am ready to discover. 



Book: Promise Me Dad- Joe Biden- An inside lookof the life of our former Vice President Joe Biden.


Movie: The Shape of Water- Directer by Guillermo Del Toro, The Shape of Water follows the interesting story of a mute women and her relationship with an aquatic monster.


Song: Drumming Song- Florence and the Machine – An incredible song thatll definitely  make you tap your toes

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